Do You Have Frequent Jaw Pain?

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Our team at White Oak Family Dentistry is committed to providing TMJ dentistry for patients who suffer from jaw problems caused by TMJ disorder. If you suffer from frequent jaw pain, we invite you to consider potential treatments to improve TMJ disorder and help you have better oral health.

TMJ stands for “temporomandibular joints,” which are the complex structures that connect the lower jaw to your skull so that it can move and function. If an injury or unhealthy structure damages the TMJ, it could cause problems such as a stiff or painful jaw, ear pain, a popping or clicking sound and headaches. While these symptoms are not restricted to TMJ disorder, it’s important to receive a diagnosis from the dentist as soon as possible so that you can receive the appropriate treatment.

We provide a variety of treatments for TMJ disorder at White Oak Family Dentistry depending on what is causing your discomfort and the severity of your condition. For some patients, this may mean changing their diet and practicing jaw exercises every day to see improvements. However, if they have complex problems, they may need to wear a jaw-stabilizing oral appliance or undergo corrective surgery. If a habit of tooth grinding is causing TMJ disorder, a nighttime dental appliance to stop this grinding may also reduce TMJ issues.

To speak with Dr. Bob or Dr. Nicole about treating TMJ problems in Granada Hills, California, please feel free to contact White Oak Family Dentistry at 818-363-7484 today to learn more about your options for jaw treatment.