Are You Prepared for Tooth Hazards?

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Guard your smile by avoiding oral health hazards including objects that seek to damage your smile, food and drinks destined to wear away tooth enamel, and unhealthy habits that can severely alter your oral health. The more you do to defend your smile, the greater the likelihood you will have optimum oral health care success with a bright and shiny smile that lasts for many years to come. For more information about tooth hazards, consider the following:

– Contact sports can destroy your smile if you are not careful. A single strike to the face is often enough to damage your jaw and teeth for the rest of your life, so make sure you are always wearing the appropriate safety gear, including mouth guards, face masks, and head gear.
– Try not to use your mouth to open any objects such as soda cans and pen caps. Furthermore, avoid chewing on your fingernails which can also present serious risks to your teeth and gums.
– Exercise caution when choosing which substances you eat. Your teeth may be strong, but chewing on foods that are too hard or too tough can easily break them or move them out of alignment.
– Oral health disorders such as bruxism can break down your tooth enamel over time. To prevent the effects that grinding your teeth has on your smile, wear mouth guards or bite plates.
– Smoking and chewing tobacco are often used to help deal with stress or anxiety, but the extra risks they bring, including tooth decay, gum disease, and premature death from oral cancer, will not.
– Try to stay away from all types of mouth jewelry, as they can cause chipped or cracked teeth, bleeding, infections, and even choking.

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